Warranty and post-warranty service

As we are renowned manufacturer of connection technology, our service department is an important part of customer care. The competence of the service department and after-sales services of PANAV includes both warranty and post-warranty repairs.

Our company has a quality service network where you can get a wide range of services, both within regular service inspections and warranty and post-warranty repairs.

We also offer all services directly in our company, where we will perform all repairs and service inspections with the best care.



Vehicles manufactured in PANAV, a.s. authorizes a technical inspection to the extent specified in the article "Service inspections", which will be performed only in authorized PANAV repair shops. Service inspections are mandatory for every user of PANAV, a.s.
Failure to bring the vehicle for inspection will void the manufacturer's responsibility for the quality of the product.

As one of the few manufacturers, we have created a portal and a system for electronic recording of service intervals and repairs.
The entire service network has access to the electronic PANTECH portal where the service center makes an entry in the electronic service book. .

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The first service inspection (in the case of a set for each vehicle) is carried out after 5000 km (2500 km for tipper vehicles) or within two months from the date of handover. The event that occurred earlier takes precedence. The first service inspection is done within 3 hours of work.
Additional service inspections are performed every 75,000 km or 6 months of vehicle operation, whichever occurs first.
Service inspections are recommended by the manufacturer throughout the service life of the vehicle in order to increase the operational safety and reliability of your vehicle.
All service inspections shall be paid by the vehicle operator unless otherwise stated.


Training and other services

Another important activity of the service department is the control of service records and the handling of ONLINE warranty requests, which speed up the overall settlement of any complaints.
To improve the entire network, the service center also provides regular training in the areas of:

Basic PANAV training
Operation of the PANTECH portal
PANAV guarantee training
Hydraulics on PANAV vehicles



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