Tandem tipping trailer TS318H

Technical parameters

Total / useful weight
18 000 / 13 600 kg
Total length
7 160 mm
Overall width
2 550 mm
Total height
2 450 mm
Permissible axle load
2 x 9 000 / 9 000 kg
Operating weight
4 460 kg*
Bed length
5 000 mm
Bed width
2 420 mm
Bed height
1 000 mm
Floor height
1 450 mm


BPW air-suspended axle assemblies, dump bags when tipped
Steel ladder construction, galvanized frame, fixed drawbar "V" drawbar, plastic mudguards
EL. installation
Electric socket 2 x 7 poles
Disc 22.5"
Steel wheels, 4 tires 385/65 R 22.5" Barum
Rear bumper
Steel solid
Stand-off leg
On the drawbar, height adjustable with a handle
Hanging eye
Adjustable and replaceable, dia. 50 mm
Folding frame
Steel with tilting by one telescopic cylinder to three sides with stroke limitation in all directions (heel cut-off), 80 mm diameter Lesinger tilting bearings, tilting safety ropes
Hydraulic system
Single-hose with 16 Mpa operating pressure, heel cut-off to all three sides (stroke limitation), Penta hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic end - ISO 12.5 plug (male)
Service and emergency brake according to EHK 13.11, parking brake with spring cylinders, two-hose pneumatic brake equipped with automatic load regulator, EBS, RSS brand HALDEX, infocenter


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