Curtainsider semi-trailer NVK35M

Technical parameters

Technical / permitted weight
35 000 / 35 000 kg
The load on the fifth wheel
12 000 kg
Axle load
3 x 9 000 / 8 000 kg
Standby weight
cca 6 840 kg
Useful weight
cca 28 160 kg
Turntable height
950 mm
Total length
13 825 mm
Overall width
2 550 mm
Total height
4 000 mm
Inner length
13 620 mm
Inner width
2 480 mm
Internal height
2 925 mm / 3 000 mm
Ramp approach range
940 - 1 230 mm


Aluminum front end, one pair of anchor elements in the front end according to EN 12 640, trench plywood 9 mm, height 650 mm, steel corner posts, three-part summarizing sheet, Hestal folding posts (3 pairs), rear door, lifting sheet structure, two-level roof , customs cable, lever roof lift
Body design
EN 12 642 XL certificate
Waterproof hardened plywood thickness 27 mm with non-slip surface transversely undivided, steel edge profile (perforated with the possibility of courting), in the first field courting bar type "C", extension of the rear face of the frame
Steel ladder construction, construction height of the neck 85 mm, hot-dip galvanized, plastic mudguards + antispray, boarding retractable steps
6 tires 445/45 R 19.5" CONTINENTAL
Brake connection
2 pcs of coupling heads (filling and control)
BPW air-suspended axle assemblies, disc brake 19.5", 1st lifting axle - serves only as a start-up aid
El. connection
Electrical socket 1 x 15 poles
Sidesails + battens
It will be supplemented according to the customer's wishes
Two-hose air-pressure brake equipped with automatic load regulator, lifting/lowering of the loading area (Colas), 2 pcs of clutch heads (filling and control), according to EHK 13.11, EBS, RSS brand WABCO, smartboard, tire pressure monitoring - only "IDEM" valves




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