Changing the towing device

We can issue a consent to change the towing device, e.g. towing eye Ø 40 mm change to Ø 50 mm and its entry in the technical certificate.
CAUTION: for trailers with a central axle - axles (tandems) it is not possible to use a towing eye Ø 40 mm for vehicles weighing more than 10 tons !!
Please note it is FORBIDDEN to just carve an eye and weld a new one!


The act is charged with an amount

1000,- CZK + VAT
40,- € + VAT


How to proceed?

Please send us the invoicing address, including ID number, VAT number, or correspondence address (if the consent is issued to another person and sent to another address), contact phone, a copy of the vehicle registration document. Please describe in the text what your request concerns.

CAUTION: For turntable trailers, the entire drawbar must be replaced.

Everything can be sent by e-mail. CAUTION: the file size must not exceed 5 Mb (must be divided into several e-mails if so).

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