EVŽEN - A special semi-trailer designed for the needs of the Czech Biathlon Association. It has a unique construction with hydraulically controlled side wall extensions, completely designed in Panav. In this semi-trailer the service team of the biathlon team found a comfortable hinterland for their demanding work.

Panav constructors designed Evžen according to the needs of biathletes. The principle of operation of the semi-trailer that can hold 320 pairs of skis is relatively simple. The tractor will bring it to race venue and here the side walls of the semi-trailer will be ejected by hydraulics, which creates a comfortable space for the service preparation of skis. It offers four full-fledged workstations at two tables with extraction of vapors and solid particles, ergonomic and mobile storage of all tools and instruments and, last but not least, a rest area. All the space is heated, of course.

At first glance, Evžen looks like a normal semi-trailer, but its non-standard features stand out whed the sides extends. The floor plan of the semi-trailer, that can move on the road with a total weight of up to 25 tons, expands from the usual two and a half meters to more than four meters, with installed steps Evžen is almost five meters wide and more than sixteen meters long.

Despite its uniqueness, we managed the project in Panav very quickly, so the semi-trailer is ready for the upcoming season. The development lasted a month, in the next four months it was manufactured in Panav, then it spent a month in Germany at the subcontractor to finalize the interior.


Special semi-trailers

  • Using the know-how gained in the construction of standard vehicles, Panav also manufactures a full range of semi-trailers for special applications
  • we produce chassis for the completion of special bodies, as well as vehicles for special use with a complete body manufactured by our own, or in cooperation with specialized manufacturers.
  • the quality and high technical parameters of the chassis of Panav vehicles are a matter of course for all special bodies (e.g. timber semi-trailers, tank chassis, battery vehicles for CNG transport, and more)

PANAV special bodies

  • the expansion of the range of special bodies manufactured in Panav is the logical outcome of the experience gained in the construction of standard bodies
  • we produce box bodies, bodies for the transport of animals, bodies with a body tilting to the front face for the transport of pallets, vehicles or containers on an open loading area, and many other applications
  • The quality and durability of our special bodies is also increased by the possibility of choosing a durable surface protection - hot-dip galvanizing

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