As a part of customer service, we can issue a manufacturer's declaration in the following cases:


  • Renewal of the vehicle's VIN - in case of deterioration (damage) of the VIN, we give our consent to its renewal by an alternative method.
  • Incorrectly entered data in the technical certificate of the vehicle. There are errors in data entry when copying vehicle registration certificates. We issue a statement to correct this information.
  • Discrepancy between the number entered in the vehicle's technical certificate and stamped on the vehicle frame. These are mainly vehicles from the 60s to 80s, when the vehicle's technical certificate marked the prefix for distinguishing products. E.g. in the card there is an entry 101 12345, 101 is the prefix entered in the card on the vehicle frame is embossed 12345. The mentioned problem is also solved by the manufacturer's declaration published on the website of the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic.
  • Changing the dimensions of the vehicle body. Manufacturer 's declaration is required by the vehicle register. This is a problem related to the change of the dimensions of the vehicle body after the replacement or reconstruction of the body. Declaration for the authorities concerning the vehicle category. Data entries in older technical certificates do not comply with today's legislative requirements. Older technical licenses do not distinguish between vehicle categories as we know them today (O and R). When issuing copies of the technical certificate, the vehicle is often misclassified or the authority wants a confirmation of what to enter.

There are no fees for this service.


How to proceed?

Send us a correspondence address (if the consent is issued to another person and sent to another address), contact phone, a copy of the vehicle's technical certificate, or a photo of the vehicle. Please describe in the text what your request concerns.

Everything can be sent by e-mail. CAUTION: the file size must not exceed 5 Mb (must be divided into several e-mails if so).



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