Curtainsider semi-trailer NVK35M

Technical parameters

Technical / permitted weight
35 000 / 35 000 kg
The load on the fifth wheel
12 000 kg
Axle load
3 x 9 000 / 8 000 kg
Standby weight
cca 6 840 kg
Useful weight
cca 28 160 kg
Turntable height
950 mm
Total length
13 825 mm
Overall width
2 550 mm
Total height
4 000 mm
Inner length
13 620 mm
Inner width
2 480 mm
Internal height
2 925 mm / 3 000 mm
Ramp approach range
940 - 1 230 mm


Aluminum front end, one pair of anchoring elements in the front end according to EN 12 640, steel corner posts, three-part gathering sheet, Hestal folding posts (3 pairs), rear door, ridge lifting of the roof structure by 350 mm, two-level roof, customs cable
Body design
EN 12 642 XL certificate
Plywood floor thickness 27 mm with a non-slip surface, transversely undivided, in the first field, a court strip "C" profile - Perforated (even with the floor), extension of the rear face od the frame
Steel ladder construction, construction height of the neck 85 mm, hot-dip galvanized, plastic mudguards + antispray, boarding retractable steps
6 tires 445/45 R 19.5" CONTINENTAL
Brake connection
2 pcs of coupling heads (filling and control)
BPW air-suspended axle assemblies, disc brake 19.5", 1st lifting axle - serves only as a start-up aid
El. connection
Electrical socket 1 x 15 poles
Sidesails + battens
It will be supplemented according to the customer's wishes
Two-hose air-pressure brake equipped with automatic load regulator, lifting/lowering of the loading area (Colas), 2 pcs of clutch heads (filling and control), according to EHK 13.11, EBS, RSS brand WABCO, smartboard, tire pressure monitoring - only "IDEM" valves


Complete specifications and price on request

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