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Evžen left the gates of Panavos, serving the biathlonists

Senice na Hané - Factory premises of Panav left Evžen, a special semi-trailer designed for the needs of the Czech Biathlon Association. It has a unique design, completely engineered in Panav, with hydraulically controlled side wall slides. The service team of biatlon representation in Evžen gained a comfortable background for its demanding work.

The story of Evžen, as the namepost was named by the designers of Panavu, began to be written on a joint dinner between the leadership of the Czech Biathlon Association and Panav representatives in Oslo, Norway. It was agreed that Panav develops and manufactures a special semi-trailer based on biatlonists. "We had respect for this project because it is a very non-standard contract, and we knew from the very beginning that we want to realize this project just because biathlon is a big phenomenon in our country," says Roman Šmidberský, partner of the AML holding, to which Panav belongs.

Designers from Panav Evžen designed the biatlonists' ideas and needs. The principle of running a semi-trailer with 320 pairs of skis is relatively simple. The tractor comes to him at the plant where the side walls of the semi-trailer are extended by means of the hydraulics to create a comfortable space for ski service. It offers four full-featured workstations at two tables with vapor and particle extraction, ergonomic and mobile storage of all tools and tools, and last but not least, a rest zone. Everything is of course heated.

At first glance, Evžen looks like a regular truck semi-trailer, but its non-standard features stand out when distributing side-drawers. The ground plan of a semi-trailer that can move on the road with a total weight of up to 25 tons extends to more than four meters from a common two-and-a-half meter, with installed steps with a width of almost five meters and a length of more than sixteen meters.

The Panav project despite its uniqueness managed very quickly, so the semi-trailer is ready for the upcoming season. The development lasted a month, another four months was Evžen in Panav in production, spent a month in Germany on the subcontracting of the interior. "It is no surprise to me that our employees have been able to develop and produce the semi-trailer in a high quality, but I am proud to have done it in a very short time," says Panavou Managing Director Jiří Svozil.

A unique semi-trailer has already been taken over by the leadership of the Czech Biathlon Association in Panavu, whom Evžen was passionate about with attractive photographs of biathlon representatives and partners' logos. "The reaction to the design and functionality was very positive," Svozil adds.

The new Panavu product, which is located near Olomouc in Senica, Haná, has taken interest and the company has already noticed the demand for a similar semi-trailer. His production, as a marginal activity, does not prevent. "The Semi-trailer for the Czech Biathlon Association has shown our great competitive advantage," says Panavka Petrová, Business Director, "Due to our size, we are able to make use of our experience in series production in custom production. This creates products with high added value that match the wishes and requirements of the customer. "

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phone: 723 109 407
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Business and marketing
Ing. Blanka Petrová, MBA
Commercial Manager Panav, a. s.
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