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PANAV has a new business director

Blanka Petrová, an experienced sales manager in the truck industry, is coming.

Since September, he has become a new business director, Ing. Blanka Petrová, MBA. She graduated from the Jan Perner Transport Faculty in Pardubice with the title of Ing. and the Business Institute of EDU in Prague, where she received an MBA degree. Since 1998 she has been a salesperson at NAPA TRUCKS spol. s r.o. and was later appointed as Commercial Director. During this time she has demonstrated her strengths in top management and many others.

Chief Executive Officer of PANAV, a.s. Ing. Jiri Svozil is very glad that we could have helped our team strengthen our position as a sales manager for Mrs. Blanka Petrová. In view of its rich sales management experience, it expects to be more effective in managing sales representatives, finding new business opportunities, and last but not least raising awareness of the PANAV brand. Together with this, it will be fully responsible for creating and implementing PANAV's business strategy, a.s.

Ing. Blanka Petrová, MBA
mobile: +420 602 571 710

Thanks and look forward to further cooperation.

PANAV, a.s.